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SBTV was founded to give local, independent businesses the opportunity advertise on Broadcast TV stations. Up until SBTV started in 1992, there were very few smaller sized accounts who could afford broadcast TV, still the strongest medium available to local businesses, in the Pittsburgh Market.

SBTV History

SBTV/Pittsburgh was Founded in 1992 by Dean Conomikes. Conomikes felt local businesses were being underserved by local television stations because their selling efforts were more focused on National and larger local accounts. On the other hand, local businesses felt that advertising on a local broadcast affiliated station was too costly, that it was “too big” for them and also believed the cost of producing a television commercial was beyond their expertise and BUDGET. Click the circle above for more.

Why Broadcast TV Works

Still the most memorable medium available to local advertisers because it encompasses all of our primary senses (Sight/Sound/Emotion), Broadcast Television continues to have huge reach among adults 35 and Older. Even more important: the medium’s lowest CPT (Cost Per Thousand: the cost to reach 1000 people) of all the major media available, including marketing on-line, to advertisers. Click the circle above for more.

The Perfect “At-Work Medium”
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WTAE Mobile

Local News, Sports & Weather
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This TV

THIS TV Pittsburgh is a free, over-the-air, premium channel that brings you award winning films, box office hits, cult classics, retro TV series and all your favorite Hollywood stars! It features movies from the film libraries of MGM, United Artists, Orion Pictures, Polygram, Cannon and Samuel Goldwyn Films.
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WTAE-TV has years of experience in television production. Clients need to advertise a product or service with a memorable commercial that is entertaining while conveying important information. From concept to completion, our experienced team works to ensure our client objectives are met on time and at an affordable price point.
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The History of WTAE

WTAE-TV began broadcasting in 1958, with a commitment to excellence in news, local programming and community service. Since then, WTAE-TV has become one of the most watched television stations in the tri-state area and one of the strongest ABC affiliates in the country. We are a division of Hearst Television, one of the largest “pure play” owners of broadcast television stations.
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I pride myself on delivering results to each and everyone of my clients.
Understanding media and delivering on expectations is a science. I work hard to make it look like ART.
  • Media Planning

    All successful campaigns start with a great plan. I understand this process and can guide my clients with an unbiased view.

  • Media Strategy

    When to brand and when to have a sale is just part of strategy. Unleashing knowledge of programs that deliver a specific audience and how to take advantage of opportunities that unfold is my sweet spot.

  • Conceptual Marketing

    In order to solve problems or take advantage of opportunities for my clients I pride myself on creating marketing concepts that deliver.

  • Production

    Concept, script writing and directing. I have experience in developing TV commercials that deliver results.


My success and ultimately my clients success depends on a great team!

Todd Stewart

Todd Stewart has been working in the media industry for over 25 years. He started his marketing career in Radio working for B94-FM in Pittsburgh. This is where Todd developed his passion for working with smaller local companies. Todd honed his broadcast TV skills during the eleven years he spent in Boston where he worked with many small to medium sized local companies that thought that they could never afford broadcast TV in such a large market. He created a sales program that utilized cost sharing making it possible for local companies to benefit from the power of broadcast television. Todd’s Love for Pittsburgh landed him at KDKA-TV for a few years and eventually he settled in with WTAE-TV. Todd’s ability to get results for local companies is his strong point. He enjoys the strategy of putting together local plans and excels in the production arena. Todd holds a BS in Communications from Duquesne University. Todd devotes as much time as he can to local causes in his community. He and his wife Deidra reside in Mt. Lebanon and are the proud parents of three children.

Dean Conomikes

Dean has been working in the media industry for over 25 years. He started his career with USA Today. Dean also worked in the radio industry before founding SBTV Advertising. He created a sales program that utilized cost sharing making it affordable for local companies to benefit from the power of broadcast television. His cost sharing program has been successfully used by hundreds of local companies throughout the country. Dean has also worked with local media companies in over 75 markets. He has trained hundreds of media reps on how to develop new local business. His programs have generated well over 50 million in new business revenue for his media partners. Dean holds a BS in Communications from the University of Pittsburgh. A long-time Pittsburgh resident, he also devotes as much time as he can to local causes in his community. Deans wife and business partner Kara are the proud parents of three daughters.

Patrick Duff

Patrick Duff has worked as a producer/editor for over 17 years and has experience as a director of photography for Clients like the Food Network, professional editor, location sound and producer/director for hundreds of local regional and national clients. His expertise is in creating effective and budget sensitive commercial advertising, marketing and promotion of business and industry.

Kara Conomikes

Kara joined SBTV in 1996 as a Partner and CFO after a successful medical marketing career at the SWPA Eye Center. She was raised just south of Pittsburgh in Washington, Pa. Kara is passionate about the detail in every facet of our business. She has a knack for bringing order to the chaos we sometimes find ourselves surrounded by in a fast paced organization. Attention to detail allows her to find useful solutions for everyone. Kara has a business degree from George Washington University and uses it to keep us in financial order. When Kara is not crunching the numbers she can be found exercising or enjoying a good episode of Grey’s Anatomy as well as serving on local educational boards. However most of her time away from work is focused on raising her three beautiful daughters.


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